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About Us - Towing Downey

We’d like to take a moment and invite you to get to know Towing Downey. We’re a company that thrives on providing you with a full range of towing services. From towing to roadside assistance, our professional staff members have the expertise you need, when you need it, to solve your automotive problems.
If you find that your car is out of gas and won’t start, or you’ve got a flat tire and need it repaired, or your car’s battery has died, our roadside emergency services are some of the best in the whole Downey region!

Downey Reliable 24/7 Towing Services

Well, Towing Downey is able to tow just about any size, make and model of vehicle you need moved from one location to another. Whether you are headed someplace nearby or you need a long distance tow, our top-of-the-line tow trucks are up to the task.

Safety and More

We mentioned above that our staff are all professionals in the towing industry. You see, we care about your safety. Would you work with a company that has tow truck drivers that haven’t been trained properly? We sure wouldn’t. Who would put their vehicle’s safety in the hands of a novice?

Give Us a Call Right Now

There’s time like the present. Imagine if there was no one to give you a hand when your car breaks down somewhere on the outskirts of Downey. Imagine waking up in the early morning, needing to get to work, and then discovering that your car won’t start. Think about what it’s like to run out of gas and then have to walk miles just to fill up a gas can…and then walk all the miles back.

Think about being out late at night and some driver, not paying attention, slams into your car. You’ll need to get it to a garage in a timely manner if it wasn’t totaled. Right? Which company do you think will be there, picking up the phone on the first ring, ready to have a professional out to your location within 30 minutes? In the aftermath of a wreck, you need a towing company that’s not out to take advantage of your situation.