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Laws on Scrap Yards in California

A Scrap yard is a salvage yard or a broken vehicle yard, where vehicles met with severe accident and are no longer in use are kept. The usable part of this yard is sold to the common people while the unusable part is sold to the recycling companies. The companies which are towing the scrap yards have to follow certain laws while doing so.  Towing Downey follows some laws while towing of the scrap yards.

Some Laws for Towing Scrap Yards:

  • Registration: All the scrap yards need to be registered with the California secretary of the state. New businesses have to register an SS-4 form with all the Revenue services for receiving an identification number.
  • License and permits: Salvage yard businesses must have a city or county license which is issued by the Regulatory body in that particular business area. They should also have resale permit which is issued by the state Board of Equalization.
  • Safety Standards: The storm water permit allows the salvage yard to discharge storm water which is associated with the business’ industrial activities. The salvage yard has to submit to the California Water Resources Control Board a storm water pollution-prevention plan.
  • Environmental Standards: Before any long term storage of the salvage yard, the vehicle’s fluid is drained out and removed. The draining out process must be carried out in a covered area, semi-covered area or inside a building.

Above are some laws that should be followed while providing towing service to any salvage vehicle. CA Towing service also follows these laws while towing the scrap yards. Their towing is of the best quality and hence the towing Downey Company is ranked as one of the leading towing companies in CA.

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